Why we don’t include web hosting.

It might seen more convenient to purchase your web design and web hosting from the same source. Some design studios offer web hosting as an add-on to web design services. We don’t handle web hosting on our end and highly recommend that our clients purchase hosting separately.

There are some very good reasons why we recommend separate web hosting:

  • Your web hosting provider can troubleshoot website issues faster than we can. If your site goes down, you will have direct access to the company that owns the server, so they can fix it for you as soon as possible… even after hours or on the weekend.
  • You have more freedom of choice. You can choose which web host best suits your needs, budget, and ethics. If it is important to you, there are 100% renewable/sustainable web hosting companies. Some hosts offer more hands-on support and help than others.
  • You own your files, and we can never hold them hostage. If you need to work with another designer or web developer, your files are on your account with your web host, and you’ll have full access.

While we don’t provide hosting, we can certainly make recommendations for web hosts we like. If you need to get your business online with a professional looking and easy to update website, check out our web design packages or get in touch.